These are some of my creations over the years.

March 2011

This is called 'My Tween's Tiara Bracelet

I joined a Beading Forum to learn new things and they have a weekly YOJ Challenge. This was my 1st entry and my 1st attempt at Crocheting with wire and beads.  

March/April 2011

The Theme for this particular week was called St Elmo's Fire. 

You will find this up for sale in Necklaces.

April 2011

The YOJ theme for that week was called 'JOSEPHINE BONAPARTE'

I decided that I would have a go with Polymer Clay for my 1st attempt and decided that a portrait of Napoleon was an ideal subject.  The picture was finished in resin - again this was a 1st for me.

April 2011

This YOJ theme was called Alice In Wonderland. 

I really do love this bracelet and wear it quite often. 

May 2011
This YOJ theme is called 'GLADIATRIX' which is the female version of the Gladiator.   This is my 2nd time using Polmer Clay.  The Polymer shapes represent the leather garments, the copper rings represent their shields this is all set on dark brown leather thonging with wooden beads and copper jump rings.


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